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Lily Fulop '14

While I was at Chatham Hall, I learned about composition, typography, and web design through my iQuest independent study, which really set me up for my next steps.
It was a great experience to get a head start in the subject area before starting the design program at Carnegie Mellon University the following year. It was also really valuable to practice self-directed study and take control of my own learning.

Chatham Hall allowed me to carve out a path for myself based on my interests and supported those interests when they fell outside of the standard curriculum. I not only gained skills and knowledge through my independent study, but I gained confidence that I carried with me into college. I got a head start on what turned into a successful college career, and now my professional career in design!

Serving as co-editor of the Iris, I also gained experience managing creative submissions and publication design. It was my first experience with curation, art direction, and print design, which are skills I use now in my career at Refinery29.

I've continued to forge my own path, exploring the intersection of design and sustainability, which I wrote about in my book: Wear, Repair, Repurpose: A maker’s guide to mending and upcycling clothes.

Photo by J. Houston
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