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The Columns is Chatham Hall's student-led newspaper. Student volunteers contribute articles, stories, and editorials several times a year. Read the latest stories below or use the filters to check out past articles.

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  • 13 Years of Creature Adventuring 

    Acadia Courville ‘26
    Wild Kratts, a staple of many kids’ childhoods, recently celebrated its 13th anniversary on Jan. 3 of this year. However, it was long before the airing of the first episode in 2011 that the Kratt brothers were adventuring. 
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  • Exploring the Art of Screendance: An Interview with Ms. Kaykeel Dillard

    Chrisette Jones '26
    This winter season, Chatham Hall’s dance program is hosting our very first screendance presentation. Screendance, also known as dance on film, is a genre of dance where choreography is used to exemplify a film's fundamental themes and story line.
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  • Fun Fact!

    Eleanor Butterfield '25
    Have you ever wondered why “X” represents a kiss? “X” came from the old tradition of symbolizing the cross in writings.
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  • Horoscopes

    Hadley Busbee ‘24
    Libra: You benefit from helping others, so go out and offer your hands to those around you. They might need the support more than you know.
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  • Lucky in Love—Faculty on Their Relationships

    Catherine Nichols '24
    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and students aren’t the only ones on campus thinking about it! While campus is always buzzing this time of year with Mission Valentine, glittery cards, the occasional Well decoration, and so-called “Galentines” festivities, certain teachers and faculty members will be celebrating Valentine’s with their own special-someones. 
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  • Movie Review: Anyone But You

    Ellery Blurton '24
    Anyone But You has been a long awaited movie in the cinema world. This is in part because of its extensive media coverage, as the stars of the film, Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney, continue to pop up all over TikTok and Instagram promoting their new rom-com.
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  • Philosophical Wonderings: How Mr. Smith Became so Socratic

    Zach Smith
    What is philosophy? What is ethics? What is morality? 
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  • Roasted & Toasted Food Truck Review 

    Chrisette Jones '26 & Naomi Nwokobia '26
    Chrisette Jones ‘26
    Recently, I was given the opportunity to visit the Roasted and Toasted food truck at the IEA show with Naomi. One could describe this experience as energizing–the air was sharp and brisk, and our journey towards finding this truck was somewhat strenuous.
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  • Soccer Field Invasion: Autumn Olive Plant

    Clara Falls ‘27
    Autumn olive, otherwise known as silverberry, is considered an invasive shrub to all of North America. It is native to Eastern Asia, ranging from the Himalayan mountains to Japan, and it is known for its small berries that, when ripe, become red with small metallic dots.
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  • The Word on the Dance Floor 

    Eleanor Butterfield '25
    This Semi-Formal, I had the honor of interviewing some of the wonderful attendees. The variety of people featured here come from the schools of Hargrave Military Academy, Godwin High School, Blue Ridge School, and our very own Chatham Hall. 
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  • Top 10 Ways to See the Silence in the Surround

    Naomi Nwokobia '26
    A list for noticing subtleties daily:
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  • Valentine’s Day Crossword

    Acadia Courville '26
     2. Candy made of fluorescent powder
     4. Language considered “most romantic”
     7. Roman god of love
     8. Color group of conversation hearts
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  • Words From the Wise: Advice Column

    Allie Midkiff ‘27
    Hello Readers! Have you ever wondered how you are going to survive classes, or boarding with new people? Are there any other questions you’ve never asked before?
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