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Chatham Hall is a true boarding school that offers a supportive, safe environment for our girls to have fun!  

With more than 90% of our student population boarding, life at Chatham Hall takes place from sun up to sun down - and beyond. Our weekday schedule runs from breakfast at 7:30 a.m. through the end of study hall at 9:30 p.m., with faculty oversight throughout each aspect of the day, from classrooms to athletics events, meals to study hall. 

Our three dorms offer a variety of unique rooms and configurations. There are a range of rooms, including singles and doubles, so you can find what's comfortable for you. All of our first year students and new girls have roommates, and we take great care to ensure that you are matched with someone compatible. All of our dorms are centrally located, and connect to routes to the dining hall, Health Care Center, student commons and kitchen, and library without even needing to go outside. 

“Off dorm” you can connect with faculty in their on-campus homes, travel with other students on trips to regional attractions, and experience fun activities each weekend including bonfires, baking, and movie nights. Have an idea for something fun? Just let your Advisor or the Dean of Students know! 

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  • Health Care Center

    Located in Pruden Hall, the Health Care Center (HCC) is open and available to students 24/7, and is run by our team of experienced nurses. The HCC is also home to a full-time licensed counselor who assists students with a variety of aspects related to mental health and wellness. Should students need resources beyond what the HCC can provide, a nurse practitioner visits campus weekly and a variety of specialists, medical centers, and hospitals are located in the region.
  • Dorm Advisors

    We intentionally surround our students with dynamic adults who are in various stages of life so that you can seek support and wisdom from all kinds of people. Dorm Advisors live on dorm with the students and often partner with Prefects, our student dorm leaders, to provide support and activities for the dorm floor or hall. If you have a question about dorm life, your dorm advisor is a great resource.
  • Security

    Security staff is on duty round the clock while students are on campus. We also have a team of residential faculty including study hall proctors, dorm advisors, nurses, and administrators who are always on-call. All doors are locked and accessible only with security key cards that are distributed to members of the Chatham Hall community. All visitors are required to sign in and out of Pruden Hall when they are on campus.
Healthcare & Security

Boarding FAQs

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  • Will I have a roommate?

    Yes! All new students have roommates. This is an important part of growing your Chatham Hall family and making connections with classmates. Learning to live – and have fun – with a roommate is a fantastic skill and is a great part of dorm life.

    As you progress through your time at the School, you can request a single room if you wish, but only a certain number are available each year.
  • How are roommates chosen?

    Once you enroll at Chatham Hall, you fill out a roommate survey which helps determine your roommate your first year. The survey asks many questions about your interests and your living habits. Are you messy? Neat? Do you like the room cold or warm? Do you like to sleep in? What type of music do you like? Your responses help us make sure we match you with a compatible roommate.
  • What is dorm life like at Chatham Hall?

    Dorm life is fun and dynamic! Students live and learn together as a community, sharing their space and experiences, and also taking alone time as needed. Students leaders and dorm advisors live on each hall and act as guiding presences for all students. Plus, you and your roommate can decorate your space as you’d like!

    Ninth graders often live all together in one dorm to start the class bonding process right away. In the following years, you'll have opportunities to choose your roommates and request certain dorms.
  • What if I get homesick?

    First things first, you WILL get homesick. It is a totally normal part of learning to live away from family for the first time. It's very important you know that this is normal. Everyone at Chatham Hall can relate to this feeling homesick sometimes, which means everyone at Chatham Hall can be a resource for you!

    We have Prefects and Honor Council student leaders living in each dorm who can spend time with you helping you navigate those bumpy patches of homesickness. You can also always talk to your dorm advisors who are happy to help. Of course, your Advisor, coaches, the School Counselor, and our faculty and staff are here for you as well. Between afternoon activities, dorm life, and all the exciting weekend activities, you'll always be connected and have somewhere to go and something to look forward to as you navigate your time at Chatham Hall.  
  • What if I get sick?

    If you aren't feeling well, the Health Care Center is easily accessible. Nurses are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help. A nurse practitioner is also on campus at least once per week and appointments with off campus medical professionals are an option if needed. The Health Care Center is set up with comfortable beds, handmade quilts, and is a warm environment where you can stay when you aren’t feeling well – just like you would be cared for in your own home.
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Day and boarding school for girls grades 9-12 in the Episcopal tradition.

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