Academic Support

Our Academic Support program supports you in every facet of your academic journey. 
Led by Director of Academic Support Dr. Laura Daniel, the program (known as CAMS on campus) is designed for students who are intellectually prepared for the rigors of the college preparatory environment and have an identified learning difference or demonstrate a skill deficit that would impact their ability to optimize success in the classroom.

Dr. Laura Daniel, Director of Academic Support

At Chatham Hall, there's not a stigma around receiving academic support and using whatever resources are available to meet their full potential.
Whether you’re enrolled in the non-credit course that meets during the class day or need help with a project, paper, or assignment, the Academic Support team is there for you. Dr. Daniel and the supporting faculty members are also available to assist with time management, study skills, organization, preparing for tests, or arranging peer tutoring. 

The program is structured in a flexible format to allow for synergy and peer learning. Dr. Daniel coordinates with a student’s teachers and Advisor to identify what’s working and where students are still struggling while keeping everyone on the same page so the student is getting the appropriate assistance they need.

Based on previous psychological or educational testing and/or a parent or teacher recommendation, some students may be asked to join the program for their first year at Chatham Hall after being admitted. In coordination with Dr. Daniel and Dean of Academics, Martha Griswold, students can join and leave the program as needed.

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Study Hall

In addition to the Academic Support program, all students participate in Study Hall from 7:30-9:30 p.m. Sundays-Thursdays. New students also participate in Daytime Study Hall until they have demonstrated the needed level of time management required to handle the workload of a Chatham Hall student.
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