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Mission & Values

Chatham Hall is a grades 9-12 girls' boarding school in southern Virginia. Our unique location on 365 scenic acres allows for thoughtful reflection, deep friendships, and a break from the typical distractions. We are invested in all of the experiences that allow you to discover your unique powers.

Our Mission

Equip curious thinkers to lead lives of impact.


Our Values

Our Principles

The Chatham Hall community and all of its traditions build on the foundation of the Honor Code and the Purple & Golden Rule. Students, teachers, administrators, and staff use these principles to create a system based on shared trust.

After graduating, our alumnae bring these principles into the world with them and guide them in leading lives of honor and impact.
Honor Code
The Honor Code is the guiding precept of the School. It states:
I will not lie.
I will not cheat.
I will not steal.
I will report all infractions of Honor.
Purple & Golden Rule
The Purple & Golden Rule is founded upon the expectation of mutual respect, consideration, and thoughtfulness. The rule holds all members of the Chatham Hall community accountable for their actions and seeks to create a principled and caring sisterhood.
  • I will respect all people and recognize that other people may have customs and beliefs different from mine.
  • I will respect and follow the rules of Chatham Hall, taking responsibility for my actions and mistakes.
  • I will honor the concept of “White Flag” – I will respect the property and domain of others.
  • When faced with a choice, I will endeavor to do the honorable and right thing.
  • I will set an example for my peers by my actions and words.
  • I will support others when they are following the Purple & Golden Rule and will counsel those who are not.

800 Chatham Hall Circle  •  Chatham, VA 24531
+1 434.432.2941  •  admissions@chathamhall.org
Day and boarding school for girls grades 9-12 in the Episcopal tradition.

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