By creating a learning environment built specifically for girls, teachers have the flexibility to teach based on your unique understanding. Here, you feel seen and heard, and are an active part of your own learning.

At Chatham Hall, your tight-knit bond with teachers guides your learning and allows you to see the best in yourself, while bringing out the best and igniting the light in others.

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  • Dynamic Learning

    A life-inspiring education is the sum of powerful parts. At Chatham Hall, these strengths include our profound commitment to critical basics such as public speaking and exceptional writing. Our faculty members are passionately dedicated to creative methods of teaching.
  • Collaboration & Decision Making

    One of the ways in which girls learn best is through collaboration. At Chatham Hall, you'll collaborate all the time - in and out of class. Why is collaboration so important? When you collaborate, you learn about the decision-making process and how to choose the best idea of all those generated.
  • Question, Imagine, & Wonder

    The broad and deep curriculum one finds at Chatham Hall asks students to think, question, imagine, wonder. Internal motivation and creativity bring about the best type of learning, and Chatham Hall supports your dynamic exploration.

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  • G.I.R.L.S. Day

    G.I.R.L.S. Day is a class day in the spring devoted when students become the teachers and share their passions. Students not only put together the content of their workshops, but plan and execute a 40-minute "class."
  • CAMS

    CAMS is our academic support program designed for students who  have an identified learning difference or demonstrate a skill deficit that would impact their ability to optimize success in the classroom.
  • Entrepreneurship

    These courses explore fundamentals of business and economics, teach skills in business planning, market diagnostics, presentation and pitching, and guide each student through a discovery process and onto incubation of a business she designs.
  • January Term

    January Term allows students to explore courses that are not currently part of our semester curricula. Faculty select topics driven by their or students' passions and each grade also participates in grade-level programming about select topics including personal health, personal finance, and life admin.
  • Makerspace

    The Makerspace is home to the Tutu Turtles, our Robotics team that consistently competes at the state-level. A Makerspace art elective is also offered for students to create projects using different tools, including a laser printer, 3-D printer, Cricut cutter, heat press, power tools, resin molds, and more.
  • Lee Library

    Lee Library is a dynamic learning commons. It serves as an academic and technological hub for collaborative learning, research, study, and teaching on campus. Integration of more advanced technology opens doors for creative new teaching methods.

Academics Team

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  • Photo of Martha Griswold

    Martha Griswold 

    Dean of Academics; French Teacher
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  • Photo of Laura Daniel

    Dr. Laura Daniel 

    Director of Academic Support
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  • Photo of Shannon Crews

    Shannon Crews 

    Academic Office Assistant; Registrar
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Day and boarding school for girls grades 9-12 in the Episcopal tradition.

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