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Living Well

Living Well at Chatham Hall is designed to remind you of the multi-dimensional aspects of your life and the holistic nature of overall health.
Living Well is designed to align with our belief and commitment that health, wellness, and balance should be at the center of all we do. This mindset allows us to infuse our nine dimensions of wellness into campus life to develop exciting opportunities in curricula and academic programs, initiatives for afternoon activities, priority points for Advisory chats and themes for our grade-level programs. Living Well grows alongside you as it assists you in learning more about yourself, your communities, and ultimately your world.

Dimensions of Living Well

List of 9 items.

  • Emotional

    The active progress of recognizing, understanding, and accepting one’s emotions.
  • Environmental

    An evolving attention to all of our surroundings, natural, constructed, and digital, and the relationships between them.
  • Financial

    Exposure to financial literacy with the goal of a positive mindset toward finances so students and adults have the tools to balance sound financial decisions in an ever-changing personal landscape.
  • Inclusive

    Requires treating individuals, each other, fairly and respectfully for who they are while creating a community where all people can thrive, feel safe, be empowered and have balanced involvement in the life of our School.
  • Intellectual

    A rigorous educational program that encourages balance of intellectual growth, creativity, and personal responsibility.
  • Occupational

    A balance between work and rest for students and adults.
  • Physical

    The ability to maintain a healthy quality of life, which includes the balance of physical activity, nutrition, sleep and mental well-being, and allows us to get the most out of our daily activities without undue physical or mental stress.
  • Social

    Striking a balance between meaningful group and independent time that builds life skills used on and off campus and prepares girls for future networking.
  • Spiritual

    An individual's awareness and balance of their unique search for meaning and purpose in life.

Living Well on Campus

List of 4 items.

  • Emotional

    • Full-Time Counselor 
    • Dorm Advisors
    • Advisors 
    • Majority of faculty reside on campus
    • Animals visits and faculty pets 
    • Prefects/Honor Council (student leaders) 
    • Old Girls Mentorship
    • Chatham 101 
    • LINK Groups 
    • Local Resources
  • Physical

    • 24/7 nursing staff for students and adults and nurse practitioners on campus twice a week
    • Athletic opportunities year round for all students
    • Musical theatre and dance
    • Yoga
    • Riding
    • Winter Conditioning
    • Fitness Trails
    • Chatham 5K and Turtle Nation Virtual 5K
    • Weekend Activities
    • Fitness Center 
    • Healthy Dining
    • MEOWS (Monday Evening Outdoor Walks)
  • Social

    • Weekend Activities 
    • Afternoon Programs 
    • Team Breakfasts
    • Team Trips 
    • Service Opportunities
    • Breaks
    • Advisory Program
    • Rotating Meal Tables 
    • LINK Groups
    • Holidays & Community Traditions
    • Clubs
    • Hammocks
    • Student Commons & Kitchen
  • Spiritual

    • 15-minute meditations with Mother Becky
    • Course Options
    • Yoga 
    • Support with Confirmation 
    • Centering Prayers
    • Trips to Local Churches*
    • Three Weekly Chapel Services
    • FOCUS
    • Rituals
    • Touchstones
    • Bible Study
    • Choir
    • Senior Chapel Talks
    • Pastoral Counseling

Health Care Center Team

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Lynne Maddox

    Lynne Maddox RN 

    Director of Health Care Center
    Read Bio
  • Photo of Stephanie Tuttle

    Stephanie Tuttle 

    Director of Counseling Services
    Read Bio

Living Well in Action

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Day and boarding school for girls grades 9 -12 in the Episcopal tradition.

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