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Living Well at Chatham Hall is designed to remind you of the multi-dimensional aspects of your life and the holistic nature of overall health.
Living Well is designed to align with our belief and commitment that health, wellness, and balance should be at the center of all we do. This mindset allows us to infuse our nine dimensions of wellness into campus life to develop exciting opportunities in curricula and academic programs, initiatives for afternoon activities, priority points for Advisory chats and themes for our grade-level programs. Living Well grows alongside you as it assists you in learning more about yourself, your communities, and ultimately your world.

Living Well in Action

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  • Adult Support

    Chatham Hall adults will support you during each step of your journey. You will join an Advisory of 3-6 students and a faculty member who will serve as your advocate and primary point of contact for your guardian(s). Advisors know and support you in every aspect of your Chatham Hall experience, including classroom performance, extracurriculars, and community engagement. You will also have access to a Dorm Advisor, the entire Health Care Center team, your teachers, coaches, and every adult member of our community.
  • Community Life

    LINK groups offer structured opportunities throughout the week for you to discuss timely topics with Prefects, Honor Council members, and classmates. Through LINK groups, you’ll work with peers that they might not share classes or dorm spaces with, building and broadening connections and relationships. The Chatham Hall community also meets twice weekly for seated meals with Advisory groups or rotating tables, allowing faculty and students to connect in new ways.
  • Life Skills

    Our goal is to equip you with the skills you need to master the challenges of boarding school and life after high school. During your first fall on campus, you will attend workshops called Chatham 101 to learn how to manage stress and anxiety, study skills, communication, and the overall Chatham Hall experience. Additionally, each grade engages in programming throughout the year, including intensively during our January Term where you’ll deep dive into various aspects of Living Well and what that means for you. 
  • Counseling Services

    The mental health of our community is at the forefront of Chatham Hall’s priorities. Our Health Care Center is home to a full-time licensed counselor that works with students individually and oversees campus-wide health and wellness initiatives. This service is available to all students at no cost, and can be structured as weekly meetings or as needed connections to discuss stress, anxiety, challenges with peers, and adapting to life away from home.
  • Peer Mentorship

    At Chatham Hall, you are encouraged to act as a leader through peer mentorship roles. Each new student receives an “Old Girl,” a returning student that helps them navigate the first few weeks on campus. On dorm, Prefects serve as peer support, help students address challenges, and create community within our dorm halls. Additionally, senior Honor Council members help our community live the tenets of the Honor Code, Purple & Golden Rule, White Flag, and School values.
  • Physical Activity

    Physical activity is a key element of overall wellness, and we set aside time each day for you to be active, whether that’s through sports, yoga, or dance. Our campus allows opportunities for students to be active, including using campus trails, playing tennis or basketball recreationally on the weekends, or the Fitness Center. Chatham Hall’s new athletics, health, and wellness center (opening fall 2024) will be integral to our campus community living well.

Health Care Center Team

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    Stephanie Tuttle 

    Director of Counseling Services
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Dimensions of Living Well


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