At Chatham Hall, we recognize that technology is an integral part of life, covering entertainment, socializing, and communications, as well as access to information for academics and general trivia.

Our goal as an institution is to prepare you to be a generous and responsible citizen of the digital age. You might use your laptop to collaborate on a project or an iPad to create an e-book. Today, there is no single tool that covers the entirety of the technological spectrum. As technology changes in the outside world, so too will our usage, our expectations, and our creativity.

You will fully understand the implications of living in a world where information, both good and bad, can travel the world and be presented as truth in a nanosecond. You'll be thoughtful about your use of social media. As adults and mentors, we recognize the positive aspects of these platforms, and support their informed use. You'll learn how to differentiate between good and bad information, and resist the impulse to take the easy way out regarding research.

We envision our students, faculty, and staff representing the best of the age of the new digital citizen.

Minimum Requirements

  • All current students are required to have an iPad with the latest iOS (8th Generation 2020 or later) with a minimum of 128GB of memory. A compatible Apple Pencil and keyboard case is recommended. We highly recommend AppleCare Plus or some other insurance coverage on the iPad.
  • We also strongly recommend a laptop for accessing full versions of a word processing and content creation software. Student laptops should run macOS 12 (Monterey) or Windows 11+ or later and must have up-to-date virus protection.
  • Students will need an AppleID capable of purchasing any required apps and iCloud storage sufficient to backup personal devices is recommended.

Tech Team

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of John Parris

    John Parris P'27 

    Director of Information Technology
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  • Photo of Dallen McKinnis

    Dallen McKinnis 

    IT Support Specialist
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