At Chatham Hall, we recognize that technology is an integral part of life, covering entertainment, socializing and communications, as well as access to information for academics and general trivia.
Our goal as an institution, is to prepare our students to be generous and responsible citizens of the digital age. We view technology integration not as a set of tools, but as a set of measurable outcomes that defy the usage of a single tool to achieve. A student might use their computer to collaborate on a project, or an iPad to create an e-book. Today, there is no single tool that covers the entirety of the technological spectrum, and at Chatham Hall we refuse to be defined by a singularity. As technology changes in the outside world, so too will our usage, our expectations, and our creativity.

To that end we envision:

Technology being used to modify and redefine the way students and teachers interact and learn. We do not believe that technology should be used as a substitute for existing methodology – it should be used to allow a level of exploration that beforehand may have been unattainable.

Our teachers freely navigate the classroom with mobile technology, and enhanced wireless capability. iPads, laptops, and wireless data projection allows for exploration and creation from any point in the room, and fosters easy access to collaboration, and demonstration of lessons learned.

Our students and teachers are writers, journalists, news anchors, documentarians, radio hosts, feature film creators, and music videographers. They are talent and technicians, artists, musicians, and people with the tools and medium to express themselves in many formats. They write essays, papers, books and scholarly articles. They publish worldwide for the critique and input of a vast audience. They produce films and audio documents that are available for the world to see and hear. They code the apps and software that are used by others to enhance and redefine their own educational experiences, and further their lives. We, as a community, are leaders of the digital age.

Our students collaborate and work remotely with classes and people from all over the world using file sharing and video conferencing technology. Lessons shared between cultures creates an understanding of others, while enhancing one’s perception of self. Educational technology brings vast resources into play, and may include interactive discussion, file sharing, collaboration, and real-time discourse.

Our students fully understand the implications of living in a world where information, both good and bad, can travel the world and be presented as truth in a nano-second. Our students are thoughtful about their use of social media. As adults and mentors we recognize the positiveness of these platforms, and support their informed use. Our students learn how to differentiate between good and bad information, and resist the impulse to take the easy way out regarding research.

In short, we envision our students, faculty, and staff representing the best of breed for the age of the new digital citizen.

Minimum Requirements

All students are required to bring an iPad that can run the latest iOS (5th Generation (2017) or later) with a minimum of 128GB of storage. We highly recommend AppleCare Plus or some other insurance coverage on the iPad. We also recommend a laptop for accessing full versions of word processing and content creation software. Student laptops should run Mac OS 10.14 "Mojave" or Windows 10 or later and must have up-to-date virus protection.

Meet Our Team

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  • Photo of David Lyle

    David Lyle 

    Director of Technology
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    Wanda Gammon 

    Director of User Support and Collaboration/Google Administrator
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