Why a Girls' Boarding School?

Choose Courage Over Comfort

You'll thrive in and open up more doors for yourself when you attend a girls' school.

Yours is the voice and yours are the actions when leading, serving as a role model, and developing confidence and belief in yourself. Stepping into your power, you'll have the opportunity to choose courage over comfort as you explore your passions and build a life of your choosing.

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  • Where Girls Lead

    In girls' schools, girls hold all positions of leadership. They fill every team and occupy the stage during every performance.
  • How Girls Learn

    Girls' school learning environments capitalize on girls’ unique learning styles.*
  • Girls + STEM

    Girls’ school graduates are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology and three times more likely to consider engineering careers compared to those who attended coed schools.*

Be Your Best Self

Every girl deserves the opportunity to realize her full potential and be her best self in a setting where she is valued for who she is. At Chatham Hall, you are encouraged to leave your comfort zone and explore your passions, in and out of the classroom. With endless opportunities illuminated before you, you’ll feel confident taking the first steps toward a life that is all your own.

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  • Independent Living

    Boarding schools allow parents to give their children one of life's greatest gifts - independence.
  • Creative Learning

    Boarding schools have the freedom to create an environment that is more focused on learning and not driven by test results.
  • Enriching Community

    Because diversity is sought and valued, students are exposed to different cultures and opinions - enriching their social and educational experiences.

Merrill B. '21

For me, the importance of an all-girls environment is not about the absence of guys - it’s about the presence of strong women.
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Day and boarding school for girls grades 9-12 in the Episcopal tradition.

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