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Distinguished Alumna Award

The Chatham Hall Distinguished Alumna Award was established in 2010 to recognize distinguished graduates representing diverse professions and interests. The Distinguished Alumna Award recognizes Chatham Hall graduates who embody the characteristics and values of Chatham Hall, such as honor, respect, and integrity.

The Chatham Hall Leader on the Rise Award was established in 2021 and
recognizes graduates who have distinguished themselves through creativity, achievement, and/or innovation either in their profession or through commitment to an issue, project, or cause.

Anyone may nominate a Chatham Hall alumna for these awards. 

2021 Distinguished Alumna Award Recipient

Past Recipients

  • 2020 Jane Sherron DeHart ’54
  • 2020 Claudia Emerson ’75
  • 2019 Laura Brown Cronin ’72, Business and Finance
  • 2019 Ann Blodget Holberton ’69, Finance and Community Advocacy
  • 2018 Kathy Reynolds Chandler ’68, Hall of Fame Skier
  • 2018 Helene "Lanie" Zimmermann Hill ’46, Radiation Biologist
  • 2017 Kate Bulkley ’77, Journalist
  • 2017 Sarah Morris ’72, Archaeologist
  • 2016 Gloria Bond Clunie ’71, playwright
  • 2015 Nina Johnson Botsford ’72, community activist
    • 2014 Polly Wheeler Guth ’44, philanthropist
    • 2014 Povy LaFarge Bigbee ’51, rancher and agriculture
    • 2013 Leila McConnell Daw ’58, artist
    • 2013 Frances “Hallam” Hurt ’63, Neonatologist
    • 2012 Anne L. Bryant ’67, educator
    • 2011 Diane Heiskell Schetky ’57, Forensic Psychiatrist
    • 2010 Elinor R. Greene II ’70, minister
    • 2010 Penelope Perkins Wilson ’41, philanthropist


    Other Alumnae Awards

    List of 4 items.

    • Boyce Lineberger Award

      The Boyce Linberger Award is given to an alumna who exerts a longstanding influence on the affairs of Chatham Hall.
    • Ellie MacVeagh Award

      The Ellie MacVeagh Award is given to an alumna who best represents the School’s goals for fellow constituents.
    • Mildred Harrison Dent Award

      The Mildred Harrison Dent Award is given to an alumna who demonstrates an enthusiastic long-term commitment and devotion to the ideals of Chatham Hall.
    • Nancy Gwathmey Award

      The Nancy Gwathmey Award is given to an alumna who demonstrates superior skills in fundraising.

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