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Traditions are what make us, and keep us, Chatham Hall.

They set us apart from other schools and really connect you with the decades of women that have come before you. Each year, we gather as a community to take part in these cherished events and activities.

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  • 100 Days

    The 100 Days 'Til Graduation ceremony marks the beginning of the countdown to Commencement in May. Seniors are recognized on the stairs in the Well and awarded irises, the School flower, by a faculty member of the classes' choosing.
  • Alumnae Reunion

    Each spring, alumnae celebrating the anniversary of their graduating year (every five years) gather on campus to reconnect and participate in traditional events.
  • Cookie Break

    Cookie Break happens each Wednesday morning. Students pick up cookies and meet as an Advisory group to check in, chat, and connect.
  • Holidays

    The winter holiday season brings with it many traditions, from Decoration Day to Illumination to traditional services such as Lessons & Carols and a Christmas Pageant. Each class has a task during holiday decorations. Advisories also meet for formal seated meals.
  • Honor Code

    At Chatham Hall, trust is given, not earned. We can do this because of the high standard to which the Honor Code holds us all. Students, teachers, administrators, and staff use these principles to create a value system based on shared trust. The Honor Code states: I will not lie. I will not cheat. I will not steal. I will report all infractions of Honor.
  • Junior Ring Hunt

    In the spring before Commencement, juniors participate in the Junior Ring Hunt. Waiting for them at the end of their scavenger hunt journeys are special tokens made just for them by the senior who will give them their rings the following day at the Lantern Ceremony.
  • Lantern Ceremony

    The Lantern Ceremony is special ritual that invites the juniors to take over the leadership of the School - including claiming the Senior Stairs - and receiving their Chatham Hall rings.
  • Picnic Honoring the New Girls

    In the fall shortly after move in and the first day of classes, the entire School community gathers in the Meadow for a picnic and celebration as the New Girls are called to the Purple or Gold team. Go Purple! Go Gold!
  • Purple & Golden Rule

    The Purple and Golden Rule is founded upon the expectation of mutual respect, consideration, and thoughtfulness. The rule holds all members of the Chatham Hall community accountable for their actions and seeks to create a principled and caring sisterhood.
...just to name a few! Join us at Chatham Hall to learn about and become a part of all of our special traditions.

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Day and boarding school for girls grades 9-12 in the Episcopal tradition.

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