Jumper Series Entries

Join us for Chatham Hall’s inaugural Jumper Series!

The series will be hosted on our beautiful campus on three Saturdays this spring: April 15, May 20, and June 3. Classes will include .75m up to 1.20m and a Child/Adult Jumper Medal. Our facilities include quality jumps, a large outdoor sand arena with bleacher seating, outdoor field available for schooling, and plenty of parking!

To enter, fill out the form below or complete the paper copy and submit it to elane@chathamhall.org. If you would like to register multiple riders, please complete the form for each participant. A signed risk waiver is required for every rider and must be signed at the Show Secretary's booth before any mounted activity.

Please carefully review the resources on this page regarding show details and fees, and contact Director of Riding Ally Doyon at adoyon@chathamhall.org or 434.432.5500 with questions.


Show Details

Unrated schooling series hosted at the Mars Arena at Chatham Hall, 800 Chatham Hall Circle Chatham, VA 24531.
  • Show Manager: Ally Doyon
  • Course Designers: Ally Doyon & Emma Lane
  • Judge: Emma Lane, USEF “r” JP, H/J Eq

List of 6 items.

  • Schedule

    • Ribbons awarded in each class.
    • Proof of Negative Coggins dated within one year of show date is required via email or hard copy to be shown to the secretary.
    • Open check required on file with the show office before numbers released.

    Flatwork only until 9:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m. start

    1. Puddle Jumpers, Table II
    2. Puddle Jumpers, Table II.2b
    3. Itty Bitty Jumpers Table II
    4. Itty Bitty Jumpers Table II.2b
    5. .70m Open Jumper, Table II
    6. .70m Open Jumper, Table II.2b
    7. Modified Jumper, Table II
    8. Modified Jumper, Table II.2b
    9. .80m Open Jumper, Table II
    10. .80m Open Jumper, Table II.2b
    11. .80m Low Child/Adult Jumper, Table II
    12. .80m Low Child/Adult Jumper, Table II.2b
    13. .90m Schooling Jumper, Level 2 Table II
    14. .90m Schooling Jumper, Level 2 Table II.2b
    15. CH Child/Adult Jumper Medal
    16. 0.95m Schooling Jumper, Table II
    17. 0.95m Schooling Jumper, Table II.2b
    18. 0.95m Medium Child/Adult Jumper, Table II
    19. 0.95m Medium Child/Adult Jumper, Table II.2b
    20. 1.00m Schooling Jumper, Table II
    21. 1.00m Schooling Jumper, Table II.2b
    22. 1.00m High Child/Adult, Table II
    23. 1.00m High Child/Adult, Table II.2b
  • Entry Fees

    Stalls: $45
    Medals: $35
    Classes: $25
    Non-Showing: $25
    Style Awards: $10
    Office Fee: $10 (required)

    Please calculate your total and submit payment at the show.
  • Show Rules

    • The judge’s decision is final.
    • Proof of negative coggins on all ponies and horses, current within one year, is required at registration. Coggins are also required for any horses or ponies that travel to the horse show but do not enter in classes.
    • All entry forms must be completed and signed by the participant or by a parent, guardian, or trainer for riders under the age of 18.
    • All riders while present on the property of Chatham Hall’s campus must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet while mounted.
    • Proper tack and attire required.
    • Divisions may be combined, split or canceled at the discretion of show management.
    • Junior Riders are those considered to be 17 or younger on Dec. 1, 2023.
    • Stalls will be available on a first come first serve basis until stabling is no longer available. We encourage stabling requests to be made as early as possible.
    • Any questions or disputes not covered in the Rules and Specifications or in any other section of this prize list shall be subject to the decision of the show management.
    • No firearms are permitted on campus.
    • The Horse Show management, volunteers, property owners, and agents acting on behalf of SWVHJA or Chatham Hall are not responsible for any accident or injury to spectators, riders, handlers, their property, animals, or possessions. Entering the show grounds constitutes acceptance of this policy.
  • Show Information

    • Hard hats are required while mounted
    • Unless otherwise noted, USEF Rules apply, including full reciprocity to any sanctions imposed
    • No points are awarded for any class or division at this show
    • Exhibitors are not required to be a VHSA, SWVHJA, NCHJA, USEF or USHJA member to show
    • The show manager reserves the right to combine or cancel classes if there are insufficient entries
    • Ribbons will be awarded for all clear rounds
    • Juniors and adults may ride ponies
    Jumper Division & Class Specifications
    All classes are open to horses and ponies ridden by juniors, amateurs and professionals, unless otherwise stated. Child and Adult classes only open to Juniors and Amateurs.
    • Classes Run with Table II Format: Clear blue rounds, any rider and horse combination that finishes the course without faults will receive a blue ribbon.
    • Classes Run with the Table II.2b Format (Time First Jump Off): The first round and jump off if any, are decided by adding together the faults incurred over the course and any penalties for exceeding the Time Allowed if any. If the competitor has gone clean in the first round, the competitor will, without leaving the ring upon audible signal, commence the designated
      Jump Off within 45 sec.
    • CH Child/Adult Jumper Medal: Open to juniors and amateurs on a horse or pony. To consist of a jumper phase over fences and a flat phase to both count 50%. To be held at the 0.90m height. Proper show attire preferred, but not required.
    • Puddle Jumpers: Open to non-professional riders on a horse or pony. Jumps not to exceed 2ft or 0.60m. No oxers or combinations.
    • Itty Bitty Jumpers: Open to any rider on a horse or pony. Jumps not to exceed 2ft. No oxers or combinations.
    • Modified Jumpers: Open to non-professional riders on a horse or pony, set at the 0.70m height.
    • Jumper Style Award: Awarded to the horse and rider combination that best exemplifies a show jumper based on scope, rideability, technique and competitive spirit as decided by the judge. Winner to receive a prize.
    • Pony Jumper Style Award: Awarded to the pony and rider combination that best exemplifies a show jumper based on scope, rideability, technique and competitive spirit as decided by the judge. Winner to receive a prize.
  • Facilities

    • New quality show jumps with fillers (flowers, boxes, gates)
    • Large outdoor arena (250X125) with bleacher seating for spectators
    • Footing is combination of crushed Nike sneaker filler and river sand
    • Outdoor field area for schooling
    • Stabling Available: stalls include shavings, auto-waters, hay mangers, doors. Stalls must be reserved by Wednesday before horse show
    • Plenty of parking for trailers with easy access to turn around.
  • Directions

    From 29 north or south: Take Chatham exit for route 685 (signs for Chatham Hall School). Turn right at the top of the exit ramp. Drive 1/3rd of a mile, you will pass a sign for an industrial park on your left and then see a white gate. Turn in here. Continue straight. Park behind white indoor arena.

    Check out Visit, Stay, & Explore page for more information, directions, and lodging options.
800 Chatham Hall Circle  •  Chatham, VA 24531
+1 434.432.2941  •  admissions@chathamhall.org
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