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Chatham Hall is hugely thankful to all our donors who have given generously to the Riding Program in the form of horses over the years. We truly could not function without their support. Horses donated to the riding program at Chatham Hall are given the utmost care throughout their time with us and when our horses are ready to retire, we find them reputable retirement homes where they can live out their golden years. While at Chatham Hall donated horses are used at the discretion of the riding faculty, and are typically jumped at most twice a week, receiving all the necessary care to keep them happy and healthy while working for our program. This includes laser therapies, equine massage, chiropractic work, and injections and medication as needed.  

Please read through the information below and feel free to reach out to Director of Riding Ally Doyon with any questions or concerns at any point in the process.

Donation Process

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  • Step 1

    Contact Director of Riding Ally Doyon at to express interest. We will ask for videos and want to discuss the horse to make sure that it will be appropriate for our program!
  • Step 2

    The Riding Department will discuss your horse and get back to you to let you know if we would like to try your horse for our program. We require a trial period of 30 days to make sure that your horse will be happy here at school working in our program. At the conclusion of the 30 days, we will be in touch with you about whether we will accept your horse in our program.
  • Step 3

    Complete the necessary paperwork for your horse to come to campus; the Trial Agreement, Horse Arrival Form, and current Coggins are required. Set up shipping for your horse to campus.
  • Step 4

    At the conclusion of your horse’s trial period, we will contact you to hopefully accept your horse into our program! At this point you will sign the Intent to Donate form and send all veterinary records.
  • Step 5

    The Intent to Donate form and appraisal if applicable (see below) will be sent to our Office of Advancement. Once processed the Office of Advancement will send the owner a letter acknowledging their gift as well as the IRS form 8283 to use for their taxes.

Appraising Your Horse

In most cases owners have their horse appraised before completing the Intent to Donate form. This is entirely for the owner’s benefit, and at their expense, but most accountants recommend it.

An appraisal represents an official document that is used as supporting evidence of the donation for the IRS. We are happy to handle showing the horse to an appraiser while the horse is at Chatham Hall on trial. This can be done through the creation of a video to send to the appraiser, or we have an appraiser in-house that can appraise your horse in person. If the donor does not get the appraisal done for their horse, the value placed on the horse will be less than $5,000.

Ask Me About Horse Donations

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