Ayo Eniola ’20 On Making Educational Games for Kids

Chatham Hall
This summer, Ayo Eniola ’20 had the chance for work for 9ijakids, an educational game development company in her home country of Nigeria.
While there, she worked in a variety of roles ranging from editing the game storylines to programming the games themselves. We sat down with Ayo to get the full story.

So, what exactly were you doing this summer?
This summer, I worked for a game development company called 9ijakids that produces games specialized for Nigerian school children that are educational, acting as a supplement to school. They touch on the themes of culture, values, and entrepreneurship.  While I was there, I started out as an editor, reviewing the games for any spelling or grammatical errors, but moved on to data analysis, collecting the information we needed to put into the games. After that, I worked on actually developing the games myself! I developed a game called All Ears that teaches about the parts of the ears and ear defects.

What was your favorite part of the experience?
I loved doing the actual game development. It was fun to actually make a game and the process gave me an appreciation for work that developers put into creating my favorite games.

What is one take away from the summer that you will never forget?
At 9ijakids I learned how important teamwork is to the achievement of a joint goal. As I worked in many different, but connected, positions in the company, I was able to understand how crucial it is for each part to work harmoniously in order for the game to assemble smoothly.

How do you plan on using what you've learned in the future?
Everything I learned in this job is relevant to today’s world. As the world is becoming centered on technology, I plan to use all of the skills and experience I got in 9ijakids in any opportunity that arises. Besides, I enjoyed making the game so much that I just might make another one for fun whenever I have time.
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