Harrison '24 Volunteers in Argentinian Sports Education Program

Over the summer, Elinor Harrison ‘24 participated in a volunteer sports education program in Argentina through International Volunteer HQ. Read her reflection below:
“This summer I applied for a sports education program where I would work as an assistant coach. I went through an organization called the International Volunteer HQ, which works with local volunteer agencies in different locations around the world. I chose to travel to Cordoba, Argentina so I could independently explore a country very new to me. 

I was fortunate enough to do the sports education program during my last two weeks in Argentina. I coached different groups of kids from the ages of 4-12. While the kids were on winter break, I was assigned to work at a petting zoo. Me and two other volunteers cared for the animals, welcomed visitors, and helped children get close to the animals. On weekdays this petting zoo ran animal therapy sessions for disabled children. I had a lot of fun playing with kids and just witnessing their pure joy.

I enjoyed both programs very much, but my favorite part of the day was always coming home. The host family I stayed with was incredibly generous and thoughtful. I did walk home at night so it was always nice to get back to a warm, peaceful house filled with people I admired. I really bonded with the other volunteers even though we had different placements. I knew that every time I came home we would reflect on our day. Knowing I had these people waiting for me at the house did make me appreciate the day more because I saw every experience as a story I could tell my found family.

Funny enough, I did learn how to play some new sports while I was an assistant soccer coach. I tried volleyball and padel with some friends. While I was in Argentina I also learned a lot more Spanish vocabulary, and I enjoyed practicing everything I knew.”
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