Students Organize Aid for Turkey & Syria

Following the severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria in February, students have come together to organize fundraising efforts to send aid to the affected regions. Below are the thoughts of Marisol Helms ‘23 and Nuura Abdilaahi ’23. 
Having suffered severe earthquake damage earlier this month, the countries of Turkey and Syria are facing dire conditions for their people, with many displaced, and reports of cholera outbreaks and other hardships increasing.

At our first Turkey and Syria support meeting held on Tuesday, Feb. 14, members of our community agreed on the need for quick action to increase awareness and to mobilize an emergency response throughout Chatham Hall. As one of the biggest natural disasters these two countries have faced, both humanitarian organizations and local communities are trying to rescue people and aid in the recovery of these areas. Despite the fact emergency teams from throughout the affected region arrived rapidly — digging in the freezing cold and rain in search and rescue — the scope of the devastation is too large for rescuers to efficiently and thoroughly help people. Also, because so many have been displaced, they need quick help with heaters, clothes, first aid kits, and so many other things. 

During our meeting, we selected two organizations to which we hope our community will make donations. Both organizations are trustworthy and are known for granting Turkey and Syria access to the donations, sending money directly to Turkey and volunteers to Syrian cities every week. We are also partnering with Emmanuel Church in the town of Chatham to share these organizations and to host a yard sale in May for clothing and other material donations. These organizations are:

Our goal is to involve the Chatham Hall community in this support by asking them to donate or simply spread awareness or links to our selected organizations so that others can donate. There are so many ways the community can get involved in this cause but this is by far the most effective and urgent way. 

We would really appreciate any support you can give.
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