Student Creativity Soars Through Spring Collaborative

The Spring Collaborative is an opportunity for students to both lead and express their creativity through the performing arts, and this year’s students rose to the occasion.
The theater ensemble adapted the avant-garde Neo-Futurism style for their show, attempting to perform 25 short plays in just 45 minutes. The actors not only encouraged but required audience participation with the viewers selecting the order of the scenes from “menus.” The audience was also asked to participate in several plays, including taking pictures, playing games, and braiding hair. While led by director Cameron Ayres, many of the scenes were conceptualized by students and their energy and flair for comedy made the show a huge hit. Some scenes were adapted from Greg Allen’s Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.

The spring dance ensemble used creativity through movement, light, choreography, concept, and the space itself to create an original performance. In addition to the stage, the dance floor continued down to the main floor and audience members were placed all around. The dance itself followed the Greek mythology of Orpheus and Eurydice, which featured numbers with the themes of love, heartbreak, death, and more. Along with director Kaykeel Dillard, many students choreographed the stunning dances.

Bravo to our spring performing artists!

See more photos of the performances on the School’s SmugMug.
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