Family Spotlight: The Midkiffs

Carrie Midkiff ’22 chose Chatham Hall for the strong sense of community.
“Everyone knows each other’s names, and everyone says hello in the hallways or in the dining hall,” she says. “Teachers also know everyone’s names and their classrooms are always open for a meeting or extra help with the material.”
While Midkiff, a five-day boarder who returns home on weekends, enjoys the closeness of Chatham Hall she also enjoys the independence it affords her during the week combined with the ability to regularly see family.
“We like to go on group hikes, tire our three dogs out by throwing sticks for them, and play soccer on the weekend, which is a full family affair as all of my siblings play soccer,” she notes. 
Amy Midkiff, Carrie’s mother and 2021-2022 president of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), recommends any family thinking of boarding school reach out to the Chatham Hall Admissions team.
“There are so many great people here who would love to talk about their interests and their activities at Chatham to a prospective new student,” she says. “They will also be happy to assuage any lingering doubts or worries about being a boarding student, or the athletics, or anything else!”

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