A Message to the Chatham Hall Community

Dear Chatham Hall Community,
I am deeply saddened and angered by the horrific tragedy of yesterday’s Atlanta shootings, targeted at those of Asian and Pacific Islander descent, as we again mourn lives lost to violent and senseless attacks. 
In the face of hatred, fear, and the unpredictability of life, Chaplain Barksdale reminds us of the words of St. Francis, “Where there is hatred, let us show love.”  We encourage you to reach out to one another and to be present for one another. We encourage you to demonstrate that our community’s response to hate is a commitment to inclusion. May we embrace the truism that it is our collective differences that make our School the vibrant place it is. Let us show that love can withstand, and it can overcome even the most wrongful crimes. May this Prayer of St. Francis be a resource for you.
Sadly, yesterday’s violence was just the latest example of America’s history of anti-Asian hate, exclusion, and racism. The scapegoating of those of Asian and Pacific Islander descent for both the SARS virus and coronavirus are two other very recent examples. For those interested in learning more, I encourage you to visit www.standagainsthatred.org and www.stopaapihate.org
Chatham Hall would not be the school it is today without the presence and power of our global community members, including our Asian and Asian American students and graduates. We stand against all who participate in bigoted and racist acts and words, and with our community members who are victims of such hate. We remain committed as an institution to furthering dignity, empathy, and humanity, and advancing change on our campus and in the world. 
Esto Perpetua,

Rachel A. Connell
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