Student Summer Adventures: Travel Photography in Norway

Chatham Hall
This summer, Sarah Crosby-McKay ’20 had the chance to study photography in Norway on a National Geographic Student Expedition. While there, she learned travel photography techniques from a National Geographic Photography Instructor as she traveled throughout the country. We sat down with Sarah Crosby to get the full story.
So, what exactly were you doing this summer? Give us an overview of your trip, and what you were studying.
I went on a National Geographic Photography Student Expedition to Norway! We learned all about photography while traveling all throughout the country. We started in Oslo, the nation's capital, where we got to experience Norwegian city life. Then, we went to Jotunheimen National Park and stayed in an adorable cabin at a place called Gjendebu–here we did a lot of hiking and got to visit with the cows. After Jotunheimen, we went back to Oslo to catch a plane to the Lofoten Islands, which lie just inside the Arctic Circle. In the Lofoten Islands, we stayed at renovated fishing cabins and went on some great hikes. Finally, we visited Bergen, a big fishing capital, and experienced more city culture while also finishing and presenting the projects that we worked on throughout the trip. 

What was your favorite part of the experience? 
My favorite part was ALL OF IT, I loved it so so much and would really love to go back. But, if I had to pick a favorite part, it would probably be Jotunheimen National Park because it was breathtaking and incredibly relaxing. 

What is one take away from the summer that you will never forget? 
I learned a lot about photography and am very excited to pursue this newfound passion. I also learned a lot about myself, particularly that taking time for internal peace, understanding, and even compassion is a necessity. I'd say this trip helped me realize how to take a breath and keep a balanced, content spirit. It sounds cheesy, for sure, but it's true!

How do you plan on using what you learned on the trip in the future? 
I plan on taking more (and better) pictures, of course, but I also think I'll use what I learned in terms of keeping a balanced and happy mind.
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