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Melissa Thompson

I knew that I wanted to teach at Chatham Hall the very moment I met the Chatham Hall faculty and students during my initial job interview.
Even during the pandemic and having to adhere to COVID protocols, Chatham Hall has felt like a true community and a home to me from the very beginning.

Along with the wonderful and generous community it has, Chatham Hall has also allowed me to continue to grow as a young professional through supportive mentors and various professional development opportunities.

My favorite part of Dorm Advising is getting to really know the students outside of the classroom. I live on dorm with the students and see them everyday, so I truly know my students and feel like I am a better educator because I know them so well.

I also really enjoy being able to live on our beautiful campus and work in Residential Life because it has allowed me to really immerse myself into the Chatham Hall community. Plus, I love the convenience of living right above my classroom!

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