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Taylor Taliaferro ’06

The foundation I've needed to succeed in life was built at Chatham Hall. The School gave me lifelong friendships that I cherish every day.
I learned not to be afraid to speak up against injustice and to seek higher purpose in my life. I learned how to be confident and pursue my dreams.

The faculty made our time together memorable and special, and I always felt supported and loved. 

When I left Chatham Hall, I felt so overwhelmed that my life would never be as happy as I was when I was there and that I would miss my friends and our time together too much. What I didn't know then, and what has brought me immense joy since then, is that my life has only gotten more meaningful and special. The memories my friends and I have made since then, including weddings, beach trips, visiting each other in foreign countries, and meeting their newborn babies, have given my life so much meaning. We've grown even closer in the years since leaving Chatham Hall, and it makes returning for reunions that much more special when you get to drive up the hill and know that you'll pick up right where you left off!

In many ways, Chatham Hall made me the person I am today.
800 Chatham Hall Circle  •  Chatham, VA 24531
+1 434.432.2941  •
Day and boarding school for girls grades 9-12 in the Episcopal tradition.

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