Planned Giving

Muffy Dent Stuart ’68

I believe it's critically important to support Chatham Hall through the Chatham Hall Fund—the Chatham Hall of today. But, I also believe it's important to plan for Chatham Hall's future, just as we should make plans for our own.
Chatham Hall means so much to me. Lifetime friendships and great memories...rainy day walks and nature walks...footprints on Senior Stairs left at 3:00 a.m...spitballs propelled onto Mrs. Crandall's ceiling...bus trips to and from vacations...the phrase, "We don't slam doors"...our song, "One More Month" and green sweaters worn backward a month before Christmas...starving on four consecutive Thanksgiving days until dinner because I thought Brunswick stew had squirrel and possum in it...Curtis...Phyllis...John Henry and the gong...taking a lap...Miss Waggoner...

For that reason, I've taken out two insurance policies on my life—one in 1993 and one in 2004—and have given them to Chatham Hall. Each year, I give Chatham Hall a gift that pays the premiums on these policies.

Life insurance satisfies multiple objectives. I am able to make a much larger gift to Chatham Hall than I normally would be able to make. The annual premium payments are within my means and tax deductible. Most important, I know that the school I love will benefit in the years ahead.

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