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Judy Carter ’63

After leaving Chatham Hall Judy Carter graduated from Converse College with a Bachelor’s degree in math and a Master of Arts in Teaching. Although she loved teaching, she wanted to get into the Data Processing field and took a job with her family’s life insurance company.
She took classes with IBM in programming and computing and ended up designing a massive system to manage the company’s “cash cow” division which gave it a leading edge in the industry; it was also her greatest professional achievement.
Judy then attended Wake Forest University’s MBA program for corporate managers and graduated in 1980. Having been promoted to Executive Vice President she was in line to take her father’s place as head of the company. In1987 a competitor made an offer to purchase it, which was clearly in the best interest of the stockholders. After the company was closed, she took a job as head of operations for a financial software company in Greensboro until that company was merged into another one. At this point Judy was financially independent and decided to retire.
During this time in Greensboro Judy became heavily involved in the community, serving on a variety of non- profit and for profit boards, and chaired the Family and Children’s Services board for 12 years. In 1994 Judy and her spouse Susan moved to Asheville, NC and opened their home in 1997 as a country inn which became the very popular Inn at Wintersun.
“My three years at Chatham were seminal for me. By challenging and encouraging me Chatham enabled me to be more than I thought I could be. The combined focus on academics and athletics provided an excellent way to develop my mind and my body…and the riding program was my go to place. I came to Chatham as a child and left with a sense of confidence and a bag full of tools that have been the mainstay of my life.

Originally published in the Fall 2017 edition of the School magazine, The Chat.

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