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Life at Chatham Hall

At Chatham Hall, we believe that our differences are in fact the magic between us.

We welcome and encourage a richness of cultures, languages, backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. We offer global student experiences to allow you to develop a curiosity for difference, along with empathy and respect for the human experience. Our boarding community, where students live among faculty and staff, creates deep bonds and a connectivity that encourages you to step into your power.

Student Life Team

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  • Photo of Josh Doyon

    Josh Doyon 

    Dean of Students
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  • Photo of Kate Branciforte

    Kate Branciforte 

    Assoc. Director of Residential Life; Student Activities Coordinator; Lead Dorm Advisor; Coach
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  • Photo of Sheppard Morrison

    Sheppard "Shep" Morrison 

    Latin Teacher; Keeper of Traditions; Assoc. Director of Residential Life; Dorm Advisor
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  • Photo of Frankie Beyer

    Frankie Beyer 

    Asst. Director of Riding; Asst. Director of Community Life & Wellbeing
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  • Advisory

    Every Chatham Hall students has a faculty Advisor. Advisors are a primary contact for you and your family, and serve as your advocate and liaison between your parents, teachers, and administrators. Advisory groups are often made up of students from different grades and dorms. Advisory groups meet several times each week for meals and check-ins, and take off-campus outings multiple times a year.
  • Dorm Advisors

    We intentionally surround our students with dynamic adults who are in various stages of life so that you can seek support and wisdom from all kinds of people. Along with student leaders, Dorm Advisors live on dorm with the students 24/7. They also partner with Prefects, our student leaders on dorm, who provide support for their peers.
  • Security

    Security is on duty 24/7 while students are on campus. We also have a team of residential faculty including study hall proctors, dorm advisors, nurses, and administrators who are always on-call. All doors are locked and accessible only with security key cards that are distributed to members of the Chatham Hall community. All visitors are required to sign in and out of Pruden Hall.
800 Chatham Hall Circle  •  Chatham, VA 24531
+1 434.432.2941  •
Day and boarding school for girls grades 9 -12 in the Episcopal tradition.

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