Advanced Courses

Chatham Hall made the intentional decision to move away from the prescribed curricula of Advanced Placement (AP) classes in favor of our own Advanced Courses.
Advanced Courses allow our faculty and students much greater input and flexibility in the breadth and depth of their studies, as well as the independence to undertake research on topics that may not be covered in depth as determined by the College Board. We pride ourselves on meeting students where they are; our students and faculty are creative, enjoy challenges, and would like to work beyond the limitations of AP curricula to grow in exciting and meaningful ways and ultimately encourage a love for lifelong learning.

Advanced Courses not only provide the strong foundation of critical thinking expected by colleges, but will expose you to a more diverse range of topics and thought that allow you to interact with and develop an understanding of the world around you. You can still take AP exams at Chatham Hall should you choose to prepare for these courses on your own.

Advanced Courses Offered

Advanced English III: American Literature & Rhetoric
Advanced English IV: Gothic Archetypes & Icons
Advanced English IV: Shakespeare’s Tragedies
Advanced English IV: History of Science Fiction
Advanced English IV: Shakespeare’s Comedies
Advanced U.S. History: Triumph & Tragedy
Advanced European History
Advanced Calculus
Multivariable Calculus
Advanced Statistical Analysis
Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
Advanced Computer Science Applications
Advanced Computer Science Coding 
Advanced Physics
Advanced Chemistry
Advanced Biology
Advanced Chinese
Advanced French: An Introduction to Francophone Literature
Advanced Latin: Capstone Readings
Advanced Spanish: Hispanic Heritage in the United States
Portfolio (Advanced art classes)

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