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Seniors Study with Student Diplomacy Corps

This summer, three members of the Class of 2022 were able to participate in college-level courses through the Student Diplomacy Corps. While typically the organization offers international travel opportunities for students, the COVID-19 pandemic saw it pivot to online courses instead.
“The Student Diplomacy Corps has a long history with Chatham Hall,” said Starr Brooks ’22. “The program is always advertised and I know past students who have participated. My friends have traveled with the program and they always talked about their experiences, how educational and fun the trips were and it made me want to apply. Though this year was on Zoom there were people from seven countries so I still got to interact with other cultures even if it was through a screen.”
Brooks took a course entitled Introduction to Sociology and Birthright Citizenship: Race, Law and Belonging in the United States with Katrina Quisumbing King of Northwestern University.
“I wanted to learn and have discussions about how a person can live in a country for decades, have children, work, pay taxes, and not be considered a citizen of that country,” she said. “I think I became a better global citizen by the end of the class and learned how to study for a college-level social science class.”
For Alexa Keating ‘22, enrolling in the Economics of Water with Aaron Hrozencik of the USDA was preparation for her anticipated courses of study in the future.
“I want to study accounting and environmental studies in college, so this felt like a great opportunity to dip my toes into the water,” she said. “I think it is really important for everyone alive right now to educate themselves on our climate crisis, and I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to educate myself. I also had a great time getting to know my classmates, professor, and teaching associate. I have learned so much about economics and the environment in such a short amount of time!”
Velda Asare ‘22 found herself taking Biogeography: Ecosystems, the Science of Art and Observation with Adrienne Keller of the University of California Berkeley after being unable to enroll in her first-choice public health class.
“While this course was not my first choice, I realized how much I had yet to discover about biogeography and this science field as a whole”, she said. “I decided to take it because I wanted to further understand the relationship humans have with our environment. More specifically, how health and ecosystems relate. I have always enjoyed learning about the science field so upon taking on this course, I had several questions about it, and seeing that I had never gotten a chance to learn about a topic as such, I took on this different and new adventure and used it as an opportunity to learn and I'm so glad I did.”

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