Welcome Home, Turtles!

While the opening of the 2020-2021 school year will look and feel a little different than previous years, Chatham Hall is so excited to welcome you back!

The resources you count on are still available, and we're committed to ensuring the health and safety of all of our community members. Please use this page to answer many of your questions and reach out to Dean of Students Marin Miller if you need anything. See you soon!

Health & Safety

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Do Chatham Hall students need to quarantine before arriving at school?

    Quarantine should take place after the use of public transportation (train, bus, or plane). Students traveling by public transportation should travel to a nearby driving distance and quarantine there one week prior to move-in if possible. We urge all families to drive to campus this year. If isolating nearby with a parent or family member for a week prior to move-in is not an option for your family, please contact Dean of Students Marin Miller for an on-campus option. It is vital that you complete your travel form located in TurtleNet as soon as you have your travel arrangements.

    All students and families should engage in social distancing two weeks prior to move-in. Only leave home for necessary tasks (ie. groceries) and use face coverings at all times.
  • Are all members of the Chatham Hall community being tested for COVID-19?

    Yes. Every employee and student will be tested in August.
  • What happens if a student tests positive for COVID-19?

    If a student tests positive for COVID-19, isolation will be required as will the testing, treating, and tracking process. We are able to isolate boarding students in campus housing that is independent from the dorms. Any student who does test positive will be given the option to depart campus and be treated at home. Chatham Hall does reserve full authority to institute a full dorm or campus quarantine should it be necessary. Should a student require hospitalization, Chatham Hall will communicate with the student’s family, provide transportation, work with all healthcare providers, and provide care. 
  • Are masks required to be worn on campus?

    Masks will be worn at Chatham Hall in all academic classrooms, meeting areas, and groups. Students will be provided masks upon move-in; however, we also encourage you to bring your own - you can never have too many! 
    *Additionally, masks are required for all parents and family members and all visitors to campus.
  • Can my child leave campus during the first five weeks of school?

    We always recommend that students remain on campus during the early weeks of the school year! This is a very important time at Chatham Hall in which your daughter will be bonding with classmates, learning more about her roommate, and in general, having fun while navigating a new school.

    Now more than ever, it is crucial that you do not make plans to visit during this time. We are also asking families to limit their weekends off campus during the fall semester and will need to make requests through Dean of Students Marin Miller. Should your daughter travel off campus, know that additional screening and other safety protocols may be necessary when she returns. 
  • How will students learn about safety protocols and how to limit their risk?

    Orientation will be a vital time where students learn health and safety protocols. We will also continue to practice these protocols throughout the school year.
  • Will Chatham Hall change plans as more information becomes available?

    Absolutely. Throughout the entirety of this time, we have remained flexible and available to the needs of our overall community. Chatham Hall will continue to monitor and change plans as needed based on advice from the public health department, CDC, and Virginia guidelines etc. 

Move In

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Should I pack differently this year?

    We ask that students limit what they are bringing to campus this year to essentials. The girls should be mindful of how they can keep a tidy and clutter-free space as we will be cleaning with increased frequency and using HALO machines throughout the dorms regularly to disinfect. In the event that a student needs to return home or move somewhere else on campus, they will be more agile in doing so if they have packed light.

    Please refer to the packing list with the matriculation documents on TurtleNet. The girls will also be asked to pack an overnight bag with items for their first few days on campus in which they will be staying in a temporary room on campus. Please keep an eye out for that list to be posted on TurtleNet in August.
  • My daughter’s belongings were stored at Chatham Hall - when will they be available to her?

    All items stored at Chatham Hall over the summer will be brought to your daughter’s dorm room for her after the mandatory testing period.
  • How will move-in work?

    Prior to arrival, you will be asked to provide your preference for move-in time using the survey provided to your family. This is in an effort to stagger arrivals to campus. Please note that each student and employee at Chatham Hall will be tested for COVID-19. Students will move into a temporary single dorm room for 24-48 hours while we await test results. Once students are cleared, we will host a fun dorm day where students will unpack their belongings with their roommate.

    In the past families have assisted in the unpacking of items and taken part in meetings as part of matriculation. While this will not be the case this year, you will have virtual opportunities before move-in to meet members of the Chatham Hall community including, but certainly not limited to, your daughter’s advisor, the student life team, academic office, and Director of College Counseling!
  • Can we have multiple parents/guardians and family members attend Opening Day?

    Old Girls: We are asking families to limit registration and move-in day to one family member. If you have not already, please complete your opening day registration.

    New Girls: We would also like to make this same request, but will allow two registrants. If you have not already, please complete your opening day registration.

    *All families should be aware you will need to complete a health screening survey prior to arrival on campus; this survey will be provided by Chatham Hall’s Health Care Center and will be accessible online.

Academics & Campus Life

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • If a child is required to quarantine will they still have classes?

    If a student is required to quarantine due to COVID-19, that student will be supported via online classes.
  • How will Chatham Hall address day students departing and returning to campus?

    Chatham Hall has the highest boarding population of all-girls boarding schools. 94% of our students are boarders. We have offered two options to our 10 day students: they are invited to remain on campus for the fall 2020 semester or are invited to participate in Chatham Hall’s online program for fall 2020. The duration of time that day students remain on campus is subject to change as we monitor and assess the situation. In short, all students will board at Chatham Hall for periods of time deemed necessary to limit foot traffic to campus.
  • Can my family visit me on campus during the fall semester?

    At this time, family visitation depends on recommendations from local and state health officials. We are requiring anyone who plans to visit the campus notify Dean of Students Marin Miller no less than 24 hours in advance of coming on campus. Visitors will check in and be screened at the Well. Visitors must wear masks at all times. There will be limitations in place on buildings and areas your family may visit. As long as regulations allow and your parents go through the proper procedure, you will be able to visit with your parents on campus during the fall semester.
  • I have a family commitment in the fall, can I still attend?

    Given our goal to keep our community as safe as possible, we are asking families to limit weekend activities to those that are essential. If you do have a family commitment that you will need to attend, please contact Dean of Students Marin Miller.

    Please note, if you leave campus for a weekend, it is possible there may be a period of time in which you will have to self-isolate and submit testing again. If required to self-isolate, you will participate in online learning for the duration.
  • How do parents receive communications from Chatham Hall?

    It is the family’s responsibility to update their TurtleNet contact information and ensure it is correct. This is the main contact information we will use for our weekly newsletter, The P&G, alerts for emergencies using our “alert now” system, and all phone calls and emails home.
  • What is the schedule of events for fall Family Day?

    Our Advancement Office is excited to bring you the first-ever virtual family day! While we know you would prefer to be here in person, we do hope this option not only provides safety within our community, but also opportunities for your entire family to attend! More information is forthcoming.
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