Science Investigators Camp Returns!
Summer 2021: July 18 - 23  |  Register here
The Summer Investigators camp is built around the development of a student’s 21st-century skills, especially those related to problem-solving, collaboration, and curiosity for campers in grades 6-8.

Science Investigators will learn the why behind the what and the how. We will investigate what is going on behind the scenes of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). We will engage in building and programming robotic devices and learn how to code them to navigate a course using various sensors, as well as the physics behind how they work.

There will be creative times using the Chatham Hall Makerspace that include 3-D printing, laser engraving, screen printing, and casting with various materials and processes. Campers will investigate the chemical and physical reactions that take place when these polymers are being formed. During the week, campers will investigate hydraulics, pneumatics, sound (including ultrasonic), light, and chemical reactions as they learn to create by taking advantage of the scientific world. 
This will be a week of fun and learning with additional surprise activities that enhance the residential camp experience at Chatham Hall! No prior experience is required to be a part of this camp, only an open mind and a thirst for knowledge.

Come learn with us!

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  • Whitney B. '22

    Hometown: Birmingham, AL
    School Team: Purple

    Favorite Camp Memory: In sharp contrast to my middle school experience, one of the most powerful parts of camp was that when I spoke in class, no one tried to speak over me. One of my peers from camp has also become one of my dearest friends and I have many memories of spending time on dorm together. 
    Why I Chose to Attend Chatham Hall: A major part of deciding to attend Chatham Hall was that I could pursue many of my passions in one place; I can dance, practice violin, take classes, pursue independent research, be on the robotics team, the list goes on… all on the same campus.
    Favorite Class: One of my favorite classes is AP Chemistry. It is definitely the most challenging and frustrating course I’ve taken, but it is also one of the most rewarding classes.
    Extracurriculars at Chatham Hall: I participate in Dance, Robotics, multiple clubs, violin, and the Iris, the School's literary magazine.
    At Chatham Hall, I Never Thought I'd Try: Robotics is not something I was involved in before coming to Chatham Hall and I had never played a team sport. In that way, Robotics has become a place where I’ve learned a lot about both design, problem solving, and what it means to be a part of a team.
  • Kala S. '21

    Hometown: Java, VA
    School Team: Purple

    Favorite Camp Memory: My roommate and I would stay up for hours just talking about anything and everything.
    Why I Chose to Attend Chatham Hall: Chatham Hall has always seemed like a second home to me. My sister attended Chatham before I did, and I also participated in four summer camps before I could attend.
    Favorite Class: My favorite class is Global Entrepreneurship. This class teaches you real-world skills, that are not necessarily main topics of core classes. It is entirely hands-on based, where we formulate our business ideas in the hopes of them coming to fruition.
    Extracurriculars at Chatham Hall: I am currently a member on the Honor Council, captain of our school’s Varsity Basketball team, and an active member in many clubs (maybe too many).
    At Chatmam Hall, I Never Thought I Would Try: Girl's Day.
    Girl's Day is dedicated to the students to share a class on something they are passionate about.
  • Sarah S. ‘21

    Hometown: Clarksville, VA
    School Team: Purple
    Favorite Camp Memory: I enjoyed meeting new people and hanging out with new friends while living on dorm. 
    Why I Chose to Attend Chatham Hall: I chose to attend Chatham Hall because of the close-knit community and the several opportunities that it has to offer. 
    Favorite Class: My favorite class is my Alfred Hitchcock English class because we are able to watch films and analyze them. 
    Extracurriculars at Chatham Hall: I play varsity soccer and tennis. I am also School Life Head!
    At Chatham Hall, I Never Thought I Would Try: Yoga, which is offered as one of our afternoon activities!
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