Chatham Hall Hosts Local Emergency Personnel

On Nov. 16, Chatham Hall hosted local emergency personnel for a luncheon with its crisis management team.
“​​Our local emergency responders are critical to our community's safety, and I believe it is essential to express our gratitude for all that they do and continue to do for the community,” noted Director of Safety and Security Services Cierra Fitzgerald. “My ultimate goal is to strengthen our existing relationships and build new ones with local emergency responders in order to not only put faces to names for everyone, but also to better serve responders in the event of an emergency. Additionally, this event benefits responders who may be unfamiliar with our campus, personnel, and facilities. It is my hope that we can make this an annual event to show our support and appreciation for their services.”

“The safety and security of our campus is of utmost importance,” added Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Hiltwine. “I look forward to building a relationship with our emergency responders. I appreciate everything they do to support Chatham Hall and in keeping our community safe.”
Members of Chatham Hall’s administration joined local first responders from a variety of agencies, including the Sheriff’s Office, Public Safety & EMS, and Chatham Fire Department. Following the luncheon, Chatham Hall students were on hand to lead tours of campus.

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