Smith to Publish in UDL University

Mr. Zachary Smith, history teacher and tennis coach, will soon publish a chapter in the upcoming book UDL University, due out in 2022.
Smith’s chapter on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) walks readers through how he has done away with “Standard Operating Procedure” in the classroom as well as has embraced UDL-informed and accessible teaching.

Smith, who teaches at both Chatham Hall and as an adjunct professor at Goodwin University, described UDL as “making your classroom accessible to all students from all walks of life. This would mean giving multiple means of instructions and assignments.”
For Smith, lecturing, using video, making media, drawing, writing plays, doing audio recordings, and much more are all a part of his teaching style.
“We can do all types of assignments so that as teachers we can ensure we are assessing all types of student learning styles. We need to make sure we are giving them all sorts of ways to express and explain themselves, not just through writing,” he said.

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