Chatham Hall is known for its long-standing traditions, which are central to the spirit of the School community.

They bring students together, create class unity, and connect the past (our wonderful alumnae), present (our vibrant student body and faculty), and future (generations of students to come). We experience traditions throughout the year and we find that they will come full circle, opening and closing the school year.
From the opening day when the Student Council greets our new families, until that last day when our seniors stand on the stage for the last time at Commencement, our traditions bring us together as a Chatham Hall family. An evening in the Big Meadow, weekly Cookie Breaks, enjoying the Christmas season, competing against each other as Purple & Gold Teams, gathering for Senior Chapel Talks and sit-down meals. The opportunities offer a connection that reaches beyond the campus. Wearing white dresses, passing on your lantern, turning an Old Girls ring -- everyone that experiences Chatham Hall has a very special bond that no one else can share.
Chatham Hall is rooted in tradition and during your time here, you will experience some of the most amazing events. The entire School community will celebrate, experience, and become a part of the Chatham Hall legacy.

Honor Code

Our traditions are a vital force: They bridge the generations, bond new students with old, and help us build our community. Best of all, they’re a lot of fun and help make Chatham Hall the unique place it is. The Chatham Hall community and all of its traditions build on the foundation of the Honor Code and the Purple and Golden Rule. Students, teachers, administrators, and staff use these principles to create a value system based on shared trust. The Honor Code is the guiding precept of the School. It states:
I will not lie.
I will not cheat.
I will not steal.
I will report all infractions of Honor.

Purple & Golden Rule

The Purple and Golden Rule is founded upon the expectation of mutual respect, consideration, and thoughtfulness. The rule holds all members of the Chatham Hall community accountable for their actions and seeks to create a principled and caring sisterhood.

I will respect all people and recognize that other people may have customs and beliefs different from mine.

I will respect and follow the rules of Chatham Hall, taking responsibility for my actions and mistakes.

I will honor the concept of “White Flag” – I will respect the property and domain of others.

When faced with a choice, I will endeavor to do the honorable and right thing.

I will set an example for my peers by my actions and words.

I will support others when they are following the Purple and Golden Rule and will counsel those who are not.
A girls' boarding and day school in southern Virginia, Chatham Hall prepares girls for college and for productive lives. Our innovative academic program offers advanced courses, global study and travel, as well as project-based learning. We foster the intellect and character of each student and, through our Honor Code, live in a community of trust. Grounded in its Episcopal heritage, the school welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds.
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