Boarding at Chatham Hall is educational, safe, and most importantly, fun!

The rooms in our three dorms are unique, comfortable and spacious. Students enjoy shared common spaces around each dorm. And, everything is centrally located! Getting to the dining hall, classrooms, library, and other campus facilities is as easy as walking down the hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How are roommates chosen?

    Once you enroll at Chatham Hall as a new girl, you fill out a roommate survey which helps determine your roommate your first year! It’ll ask a lot of questions about your interests, your living habits – are you messy? Neat? Do you like the room cold or warm? Do you like to sleep in? What type of music do you
    like? Your responses help us make sure we match you with a roommate who is compatible and fun!
  • What if I get homesick? Or sick?

    There are prefects and honor council members - student leaders - in the dorms who often spend time with girls helping them navigate those bumpy patches of homesickness. It is something all girls go through! They are very kind and understanding. You can always talk to your dorm advisors, adults who live in the dorms, who are happy always to be helpful and, of course, your advisor, coaches, and teachers. Trusted adults you can always go to. We also have a school counselor. We are also busy! Between afternoon activities, dorm life, and all the exciting weekend activities there is a lot that keeps you connected and busy as you navigate your time at Chatham Hall. I think it is important you know; this is very normal. Everyone can relate to this feeling.

    We have a Health Care Center easily accessible to you when you are sick! Nurses are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help. You can see a nurse practitioner on campus and we can always take you off-campus to appointments too! The Health Care Center is set up with comfy beds, handmade quilts, and in general, it is a warm environment where you can stay – just like your parents would take care of you in your own home!
  • Will I have a roommate?

    Yes! All new students have roommates! This is an important part of growing your Chatham Hall family and making connections with classmates. Learning to live – and have fun – with a roommate is a fantastic skill and is a great part of dorm life. As you get older, you can request a single if you wish, but, only a certain number of singles are available.
  • What is dorm life like at Chatham Hall?

    "It is very energetic and fun – we live with all the freshman and they are loud and fun and always social which we really like.
    My dorm advisor always has her door open – she’s always excited to see us and check-in. Just last night we had a dorm party in Dabney and we all hung out - it was really nice!" – Kyra Rogers 21

    "It’s dorm life – it’s just cool and the best word is just fun. If you want to be alone at times you can be, but it is really great and I really enjoy it. The best word I have to describe it is just fun!"
    – Ella Shackelford ’21  

Roommate Spotlights

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