Academically motivated and goal-oriented, Chatham Hall girls are “on-the-move.” In order for them to thrive, we know it is critically important to help them find balance, manage their stress, and take care of themselves. Learning to find a sanctuary and solace in our complex, fast-paced, and hyper-connected world is so important. Our wellness program gives them permission and teaches them how to do this.

GIRLS Program

Growth. A nurturing program that dedicated to the physical, intellectual, socio-emotional, and spiritual development of adolescent girls.
Independence. A program that cultivates independence through trusting relationships and the cultivation of personal responsibility (self-awareness, self-reliance, self-advocacy, and self-care) in girls.
Relationships. A program that fosters positive and meaningful relationships with
peers and adults by surrounding them with mission-driven faculty who are able to teach skills, serve as role models, and guide girls in their social development.
Leadership. A program that teaches girls collaboration, problem-solving, ownership of and responsibility for projects and community initiatives.

Spirituality. A Link Group program that develops and nurtures the spirit of girls by providing meaningful and purposeful exchanges through relationships, personal reflection, and community service.

Designing Our Program

In collaboration with the Dean of Students, Director of Mental Health and Wellness, Chaplain, dorm faculty, and professional resources, we offer a series of developmentally appropriate workshops that help our students to find ways to relieve stress, be mindful, and recharge. We call this our “GIRLS“ program, and it provides purposeful opportunities for personal growth. Each workshop is designed to provide the students with resources for self-awareness, self-care, self-advocacy, and stress management.

Past Workshops Include:
  • Yoga, massage, relaxation
  • Guided Prayer/Meditation
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Body Image and Media Literacy
  • Women’s Health
  • Nutrition
  • Drug and Alcohol Education
  • Self Defense
An all girls boarding and day school in Southern Virginia, Chatham Hall prepares girls for college and for productive lives. Our innovative academic program offers Advanced Placement courses, global study and travel, as well as project based learning. Our athletic teams regularly compete at the State level and our exceptional riding program is nationally recognized. We foster the intellect and character of each student and, through our Honor Code, live in a community of trust. Grounded in its Episcopal heritage, the school welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds.  
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