Our ninth grade curriculum is intentional in helping ninth graders transition into life at Chatham Hall as seamlessly as possible.
Our primary goal for our ninth graders is to help each girl strengthen her sense of self. Programming on media literacy (body image), health (fitness, nutrition, hygiene), self-advocacy (face to face communication, identifying and owning their feelings), and sense of place (introduction to Chatham Hall and southwest Virginia) are essential components to this curriculum.
In addition to formal life skills workshops, the ninth grade experience is rich with adventure, team-building, and fun. They many enjoy an all day canoe trip, a sleepover or dinner at the Rectory, a visit to colleges such as Duke, William and Mary, or the University of Virginia, and even a trip to an art museum in the region. Ninth graders are also given a budget to invite a leader-in-residence of their choice to Chatham Hall. They nominate, select, invite, introduce, and host this leader-in-residence and they do it all on their own.
We also offer Chatham 101, a class designed for all new students. Meeting once each week and sometimes online for the first six weeks, this course sets the tone for Chatham Hall as a boarding school, a historic place, and a community comprised of students, and families from all walks of life. The goal of the course is to help students understand our Honor Code, Purple and Golden Rule, and school traditions as well as academic and emotional resources that are available to them. We also discuss how the students can successfully manage their changing relationships, how to care for themselves while living in community, and to be mindful of how they use technology both ethically and responsibly.

Grade Level Curriculum

The overarching goal of our grade-level curriculum is to grow “real” girls by strengthening each student’s sense of self and inspiring her to lead her life with integrity. Because we know that girls need to feel connected and known in order to thrive, this grade level programming helps foster healthy relationships throughout the community.

Grade Level Objectives

  • Help each girl grow developmentally by supporting her transitions through adolescence with life skills and emotional wellness resources.
  • Help each grade establish a “class identity,” so each class has a purpose, focus, and role in the larger community.
  • Teach leadership (collaboration, problem-solving, ownership and responsibility of projects).
  • Enhance classroom learning with meaningful experiential learning opportunities.
  • Build community through fun grade-level activities, such as class trips, class dinners, and various other events.
  • Fulfill various roles in school-wide traditions, or rites of passage (this will includes class fund raising).
A girls' boarding and day school in southern Virginia, Chatham Hall prepares girls for college and for productive lives. Our innovative academic program offers advanced courses, global study and travel, as well as project-based learning. We foster the intellect and character of each student and, through our Honor Code, live in a community of trust. Grounded in its Episcopal heritage, the school welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds.
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