Athletics & Riding
Riding Program

Boarding & Donations

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  • Boarding Your Horse

    The main function of Chatham Hall's Riding Program is to serve the students in the school by providing an active teaching program with varied riding activities that offer learning experiences and good sportsmanship. The boarding of private horses is a smaller part of the whole program.
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Donating Your Horse

Chatham Hall's Riding Program would not have the prestige and depth of programming it has without the generous gift of donated horses. Donations to our program range from top-rated show horses to experienced beginner horses from across the country.

Donation Paperwork

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  • After Acceptance

    1. Registration papers (if applicable) signed over to Chatham Hall.
    2. Complete Veterinary records, or access/permission to contact any and all previous veterinarians.
  • On Arrival

    1. A complete vaccination and worming record of the horse
    2. Horse Arrival Form
    3. Coggins Test within 1 year
    4. Trial Period Agreement
    5. Intent to Donate Form

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  • Appraisal & Donation

    In most cases, owners then have their horse appraised. This is entirely for the owner's benefit (and at their expense), but most accountants recommend it. An appraisal represents an official document that is used supporting evidence of the donation for the IRS. We are happy to handle showing the horse to the appraiser.  If the donor does not get the appraisal done for their horse, the value placed on the horse will be less than $5,000.00.
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Donation Process

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  • Step One

    Fill out Prospective Horse Application. Be sure to add a video link in this process as it helps assess the suitability of your horse and our program.
  • Step Two

    Riding Faculty will review your application and then will contact you regarding your donation.
  • Step Three

    Each donation is asked to come in for at least a 30-day Trial Period. Shipping to the school is at the donor’s expense. We ask for a trial period to assess if your horse will work in our program. 30-days are crucial so the horse has time to settle in and so that we can base our decision on your horse over time.
  • Step Four

    Prior to your horse's trial period we will send you a Trial Period Agreement. A signed Agreement - along with what your horse eats, what tack he/she regularly goes in, last worming date and medication, and vaccination records - will be required before arrival.
  • Step Five

    After the horse finishes the 30-day Trial Period, we will notify you as to whether we feel your horse will work in our program.
  • Step Six

    If your horse is not suitable for our program, we do ask that arrangements be made for them to leave the facility within 10 days of notification.
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